Research In Motion buys Data Viz

I have no idea how did I miss this news. Research In Motion buys Data Viz. Data Viz, for the uninitiated, is the company behind the famous mobile office application, Documents To Go.
I always thought that Data Viz belongs to Palm. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because I always see Documents To Go being bundled with Palm Devices. I still remember having Documents To Go on my Palm Tungsten T3. Yeap, Documents To Go is that old. Back in those days, the Documents To Go application can’t open Word, Excel or Powerpoint files natively. You need to convert them to a format which Documents To Go can read. It’s not really that useful back then. I only use it for reading some important files. When I upgraded to Palm TX, it comes with a newer version of Documents To Go. The new version is able to open Word, Excel and Powerpoint natively without any conversion. That opens the whole Document To Go application to a whole new world. Imagine reading any word, excel or powerpoint document on your PDA.
Document To Go is also available on Windows Mobile, Maemo, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS, Android, and iOS. Personally, I love Documents To Go. I didn’t buy the Document To Go for my iPhone because I don’t need to edit documents on the go now. But if I ever need, I’m definitely going to use Documents To Go.
So here is the worrying part. What is going to happen to Documents To Go after RIM bought it? We can be sure that Data Viz team will work closely with BlackBerry to bring better Documents To Go app for BlackBerry OS. But what about the other competing Operating System? Will RIM drop Documents To Go support for the other Operating System? Or slow down the development? We don’t know yet.
Let’s hope RIM don’t change Data Viz after the acquisition. Let Data Viz continue to bring great office applications to all the mobile devices.

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