Transport Minister takes public transport

OK, I take back my words. I said that our Transport Minister, Mr Raymond Lim, will never take the public transport unannounced. I was wrong. Mr Lim made an unannounced visit to Bukit Panjang and took the bus with the public. Well done! Keep up the good work.
I hope he is not doing this just because election is coming. But I must say that these are very nicely taken photos.

I also hope that Mr Lim will not be just visiting places where problems has been rectified. It is useless to visit places where there isn’t any problems. He should be visiting places where there are problems every day and make sure these problems get fixed soon.
I look forward to meeting Mr Lim at Jurong East MRT during morning peak hour. It might be a huge culture shock to him. Someone please stand by some medicated oil, just in case.


  1. DC: Maybe. Sounds like a good topic.
    I’m wondering if anyone from the ministry leaked info to their friends in SMRT about the unannounced visit. These kind of things usually happens.
    Maybe he should travel in smaller group. Or even alone. And take photos by himself, camwhore style

  2. We’ll probably see him visiting JE MRT after the viaducts are in service, and he’ll say the same thing.
    Don’t think he will risk taking the train during peak hours. Too much of a security issue.

  3. Me thinks You are giving advertisements to the train operator and the minister here, just liked the mouthpieces of the estabishment.
    So, it shall be taken as a publicity activity.
    However, had the minister put on a polo shirt, wore a pair of bermuda and topped up with cap and went about alone, took a cab(during peak surcharge) to the train station then took a bus at a bus interchange to do a simulation of a typical worker travelling to work, me would give him my salute.
    What risk was he exposed to ? He must have been a much adored and respected leader liked all the other parliamentarians who were all swarmed by supporters and admirers wherever they went. We saw parents thrusting their babies, students asked for autographs and picture shoots with them whenever the ministers visited any neighbourhood, don’t we?
    Whatever one does, do it effectively and sincerely, then only will there be truthful and fruitful result.
    And one who is respected and love, expect little or no threat and risk, maybe too much hugs and handshakes which may frightened away a shy person or hygiene obsessed being.

  4. patriot: Come on, give him some credits for trying. Yes, it is indeed a publicity stunt. Else why the photos so nice?
    But at least he did take a bus ride. May not be good enough to some people, but I think it is a good start. And time will tell if he is just doing this for election or he truly want to be a better Transport Minister.

  5. Thanks DK;
    indeed me appreciates his effort.
    All me am hoping is that all attempts at understanding the proletarians by political leaders be conscientious and sincere. To make them for publicity propaganda would simply go against the grain of true purpose.
    I suspect that there must be quite a number of media people and his grssroot supporters with him when he did that trip on public transport. Do hope I am wrong.

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