Service to the nation

I’ll be on reservist from 16 to 24 Sept 2010. Yes, DK is going back for reservist AGAIN. A lot of my friends were saying that I always go back for reservist. What to do? Unit super onz, every year without fail sure will have a reservist.
I tried applying for deferment for the first time in 7 years cause I just started a new job 4 months ago. But the application was rejected. Tried appealing but was rejected again. Sorry to my colleagues. Going to be a huge inconvenient for them. This is not a good time for me to be away from office. Let’s hope I can find time to go to the business centre. Keep my fingers crossed that nothing major happens when I’m away.
Haiz….. What to do?

Training to be soldiers,
Fight for our land,
Once in our lives,
Two years of our time.
Have you ever wondered,
Why we must serve,
Because we love our land
And we want it to be free YAH!

I should be able to book out for the weekend. Bye for now…..


  1. I’m surprised. Under their statutes, you should have been able to get the deferment. But SAF damn ngiao, they want all the letters from your employers. Like a copy of the contract, or a letter / certification of employment that sorta thing.
    If still cannot defer, then yeah.. SAF > Your employer.

  2. Brian: They say the rule is not more than 3 months of new employment.
    One thing I can never understand is that why they are so ngiao with deferment. After deferment still need to make up for it and go back for reservist with another unit. So why so ngiao about it?
    Oh well….. what to do?

  3. It’s scary that I know how to sing that song. 😛
    Anyway, you should have asked your boss to write. MIGHT be more effective. My bf also kena every year. *faints*

  4. Felicia: What for? I can get MP to write to my officer too. But what’s the point? Why does my application has less weightage than my boss or MP? I am his man afterall. I fight with him in battle. Not my boss or MP.
    Han Cheng: I Infantry leh. Green Bert.

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