Saving every attached/married guy's ass

Found a company called SaveMyAss. Interesting name. And judging from the service they provide, they can really save a lot attached and married man’s ass.

In short, SaveMyAss is a flower delivery service / relationship insurance policy. They send flowers to their customer’s girlfriend or wife on a regular basis. All the customer needs to do is to sign up for a package and provide important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. SaveMyAss will arrange 10 flower deliveries over the next 12 months to the customer’s girlfriend/wife. A few days before sending the flowers, they will email customer the details to remind them and also to edit or cancel the order if required.
Isn’t this a fantastic service? Now you won’t miss the birthday or anniversaries anymore. There is even a panic button for customers who are in trouble and need to send flower to their girlfriend/wife quickly.
Too bad the service isn’t available in Singapore yet. Every attached and married man should get this service. Hahahaha…..

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