Regarding the lady in the "Stressed?" YouTube video

I think a lot of you have seen the YouTube video titled “Stressed”. It’s a video of a lady scolding people on the SMRT train. At one point, she was scolding a guy who sat on the priority seats and chasing him away. The video is fast becoming viral. The original video has gotten more than 160,000 views and there are several other version of it.
I’m not going to post the video here and promote it.
It really sadden me when I read the nasty comments left on YouTube and other forums. Yes, she is clearly having some mental problems. Anyone with some IQ can tell. Why are we, the mentally sound people, making fun of her online? Shouldn’t we show more compassion for her condition? Think about her family members. How would you feel after reading those comments if you are related to her?
And I agree that this is one of the more violent cases I’ve seen. But if you just walk away and leave her alone, it should be alright. In the worst case scenario, just call the SMRT station staff or police for help.
I wonder why the person recorded the video and post it on YouTube. What message are you trying to tell the world other than the fact that you have a iPhone 4?
I wish her family members will bring her to seek some medical attention. I hope they don’t mind the nasty comments online. This kind of things some time makes me wonder who is more mentally unsound, the lady or the commentors?


  1. Hey I’s quite sad to see people making fun of her that way..and all those comments as well. Won’t be surprised if The New Paper gives it coverage in the next few days

  2. What is this accusation about her being mentally unsound?! We do need more people like her who is willing to fight for what is right (reserved seats are reserved, you stoopid!).

  3. Thank you for writing this, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately mental illness is still associated with a lot of stigma in Singapore, and it’s always easier to ridicule than empathise.

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