Happy 12th Birthday Google!

If you visit Google home page today, you will notice the birthday cake doodle. It’s Google’s 12th birthday.

Here is something interesting. Google was officially incorporated on 7 September 1998. So rightfully, its birthday should be on the 7th September. True enough, Google has been celebrating its birthday on the 7th until 2005. So what happen in 2005 that made Google change it’s birthday?
I found an article that talked about Google’s Birthday. According to the article, Yahoo announced that their index was larger than Google’s in 2005. Because of that, Google push their birthday back to 27th September for the announcement of the record-breaking number of pages the search engine was sifting through. Ever since then, Google begin celebrating their birthday on 27th September instead of 7th September.
You still with me? Honestly speaking, I have no idea why the need to change their Birthday from 7th to 27th September. If you know the rational behind it, please let me know. But then, it’s their Birthday and they can choose to have their cake anytime they like. So who cares if it is 7th or 27th September.
Happy 12th Birthday Google!

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  1. The Queens birthday is celebrated on different days in Australia or UK. Even in the UK, it’s not celebrated on the ‘real’ day 😉
    Anyday also can lah, as long as happy can liao.

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