Goodbye National Stadium

3 years and 3 months after the closing ceremony, they finally started tearing down the National Stadium to make way for the construction of the new Sports Hub.
Goodbye National Stadium…..

Still waiting for Jacen Tan to release the film Kwa Giu, a tribute to the National Stadium. In the meantime, here’s a 90 sec footage to tease you.

National Stadium from hosaywood on Vimeo.


  1. It has special meaning for many of us. For me, I’ll always remember dashing around the track doing interval training, followed by sit-ups, push-ups and scissor jumps that wreck my body in pain. That was of course many years ago when I was a dragon boater. Now I just cruise along…

  2. Shn: Yeap. Kinda miss the Stadium.
    Henry: Well, the building will only inspire. End of the day, its the people that makes the difference.
    Walter: Wow, you are from dragon boat? Unbelievable. 😛

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