What is wrong with the "CAUTION DRIVE SLOW" sign?

Here’s another reason why I’m against the Grammar Nazi going around Singapore with post it note and pasting it over bad English. Check out this video by “Weird Al” Yankovic.

What is wrong with the “CAUTION DRIVE SLOW” sign? Well, nothing is wrong. The sign is perfectly alright. No grammar mistake at all.

OK, you must be thinking that I’m crapping here. Afterall, I’m most likely the last person in Singapore that is qualified to talk about grammar usage. This blog is always still full of Grammar mistakes. And the last time I check, the sun still rise from the east. So why should anyone listen to me talking about Grammar here?
But I do know that both “Drive Slow” and “Drive Slowly” are correct usage of English. Don’t ask me to explain. I don’t know how. Maybe I should link to someone who can explain the usage of flat adverb better than me.

Summary: It’s fine to use slow as an adverb; it is part of a class of words that can be either adjectives or adverbs, and has been for 500 years. Shakespeare, Milton, and Thackeray all used adverbial slow, so it’s even fine with the literary set and style manuals

Which brings me back to the reason why I hate that stupid guerilla tactic by Speak Good English Movement. What if the Grammar Nazi is wrong? What if there is nothing wrong with that sign? What if the Grammar Nazi made a mistake? Should we paste another post it note over that wrongly posted post it note?


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