What the fuck am I doing here?

Warning: Rant ahead. Don’t proceed if you can’t take it.
If you are reading this blog entry at around the same time that it is posted, then I should be seated in a large multi-purpose hall now, wearing a stupid looking gown with a square hat. And I’m not the only person with weird dressing. There are several hundred of people wearing the same stupid looking thing. I still have no idea why must they make it look so ugly.
So here I am, sitting down and listening to some stranger speaking on stage. I think he should be the dean of the University. Or maybe it’s a she. I have no freaking idea because I’ve never seen him/her in my entire university life. Neither have I heard of his/her name. Anyway, he/she is on stage congratulating us for completing our University degree and telling us how bright the future is for us. Yada yada yada….. You know, the usual crap.
What he/she doesn’t know is that the degree that he/she is about to give to me, is already obsolete before it was even printed. Welcome to the real world.
So, what the fuck am I doing here?

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