Dim Sum Dollies Spoof: Mai Kao Pei

I didn’t expect the Dim Sum Dollies SMRT advertisement to be this annoying. I’m not surprised that someone did a spoof.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Dim Sum Dollies. I love their live performance and their CD.
But things gets annoying when you over played it. And for the SMRT advertisement case, has really been over played. You will hear the jingle at least once per trip. Sometimes up to 5 times per trip. It’s quite annoying after some time. The jingle has been so over played that I dread taking SMRT. Dim Sum Dollies shouldn’t had done this advertisement for SMRT. Their image has been ruined due to the over playing of the jingles. I hate to say this but I will never look at Dim Sum Dollies the same way again.


  1. Well if people get irritated and don’t take the mrt then there will be lesser people and *gasp* more space! Maybe that’s their goal to irritate people so that there will be more space!

  2. “Give Up, Give Up, Give Up” is an attempt to wire the passengers’ brains to be give up complaining about the train operator.
    Guess it didn’t work on you..lol..

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