Panasonic 3D glasses

The biggest complaint about 3D TV glasses is that it is uncomfortable for those who are wearing spectacles Well, Panasonic seems to have found a cool design to overcome this issue.

I don’t wear spectacles, so I don’t know how it feels. But I heard from those who are wearing spectacles that it’s pretty comfortable wearing the Panasonic 3D glasses over their spectacles. Looks like Panasonic put in a lot of consideration when designing the glasses for their 3D TV.
My only issue with the Panasonic 3D glasses is that they are still using replaceable battery instead of rechargeable battery. Other than that, it would be perfect.

And of course, if it can make me look nicer while wearing, that would be a bonus. But sadly, it doesn’t. Well, no 3D glasses is able to do that anyway. Haha.

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