USB hub with Mini USB port

Here’s an interesting USB hub that I bought recently.

I’m quite particular about USB hub. I don’t like those USB hub where all the ports are near each other. It is useless when you have larger than normal USB devices. Which is why I love this sort of USB hub. The ports are on a separate cable. No need to worry about larger than usual USB device.
Another thing about this USB hub is the Mini USB port. This is very useful for devices like portable harddisk, camera, MP3 player etc etc. If your portable harddisk requires more power, this USB hub has another USB point for power. And since it has a Mini USB port, it means I can leave my usual Mini USB cable at home and just bring this USB hub out. So I have 1 Mini USB cable and 3 USB port. Pretty good for those who has just too many gadgets to bring out everyday.

It is so good that I bought 2. 1 for my iMac at home and another for my geek bag which I bring out almost daily. Hmmmm…. speaking of geek bag, I think I need to reorganize my geek bag soon. Getting more and more messy.
I got this at Challenger. $16.90 for non-member and $14.90 for members. Quite a good price. You can get it from Funan or Sim Lim too.
Actually I’ve seen this USB hub in the past. But I remember it was selling at $30+. And that’s daylight robbery.

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