Twitter conversation with Niklas Savander from Nokia

Nokia held an interesting Q & A session yesterday over Twitter. Nokia Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Markets unit, Niklas Savander, spend an hour on Twitter answering questions posted by the Twitterverse. How often do you see someone from the Top Management doing Q & A over Social Media? Not many. Applause to Nokia for taking this brave step.
Here’s some of the questions that I posted.

Q: Any chances of us seeing a Nokia phone running Android or Windows Phone 7 in the near future?
A: No. We believe our current platforms enable us to continue to add value to consumers

OK, I must admit that I already expected a “No” answer. But then, I just have to try my luck. I was hoping/wishing/praying Nokia will do an Android or Windows Phone 7. Android seems pretty unlikely. I thought maybe Windows Phone 7 might have higher chance. After all, their new CEO, Stephen Elop, was from Microsoft. Oh well, here’s the confirmation. No Android, Windows Phone 7 or any other OSes. Just Symbian and MeeGo.

Q: How is Nokia going to attract more developers to write apps for Symbian and MeeGo?
A: Qt is the answer.

We all know that making good phone is not enough. We need developers to write great application to extend the phone’s functionality. Which is why I asked Niklas what is Nokia’s plan on attracting more developers to write apps for Symbian and MeeGo. Qt is a cross-platform application framework. It allows developers to write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. Nokia acquired the company that created Qt back in 2008.

Q: Which Nokia phone are you using currently?
A: Lime green Nokia N8. I’m loving it!

And for the fun of it, I asked Niklas what phone is he using. Nope, he isn’t using any unannounced prototype. (Even if he is, he wouldn’t tell us about it) He is using a Nokia N8. Lime Green to be exact. No surprise since the N8 is Nokia’s latest flagship model. By the way, Nokia N8 is coming to Singapore soon.
It was a great Q & A session. A rare opportunity for us to find out more about Nokia from the Top Management. Hope Nokia will do this often.

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