OK, I’m not a Bunny Butcher. It is just unfortunate that I share the same initials as some famous fashion designer in New York.
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged an anti-fur protest on clothing brand DKNY’s Facebook Page yesterday. Thirteen different users changed their Facebook profiles photos to block letters and posted in quick succession on the DKNY’s Page to spell out the words “DK Bunny Butcher” in protest of the brand’s use of rabbit fur.
I must say that it is quite an impressive sight…..

You must really salute the folks at PETA coming up with such creative ways to protest.

This should be filed under crazy talk category. But I’m just lazy to create another category just for this blog post.
Anyway, a Spanish woman had registered the sun as her property. There is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals.
So using this loophole, Ms Angeles Duran, 49, registered the star at a local notary public as being her property.
Now she wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 per cent to the nation’s pension fund. She would dedicate another 10 per cent to research, another 10 per cent to ending world hunger – and would keep the remaining 10 per cent herself.
You might think that this is a smart move. But actually it isn’t.
Since she owns the sun now, those who suffer from skin cancer or any disease/illness related to the sun have someone to sue.
As for the rest of us, we can just can claim that we did not request for her sun’s service and she is free to terminate the sun’s ray on us.
In fact, I’m thinking of counter suing her for providing a service that I didn’t subscribe to. The sun is making me sweat and causing great discomfort. I demand that she stop rendering her sun’s service to me or I’ll sue her for compensation. I think I have a strong case. Maybe I should file a law suit in Spain.
And did I say this blog entry should be classified under crazy talk?

Been listening to this song on repeat for more than 50 times today. Guess I should share it with you. It’s from “Going the distance” soundtrack. Check out the movie if you haven’t. I’m sure you’ll love it. Hang in there.
The Boxer Rebellion – If You Run

I’m always here
Waiting for you all alone
Eyes of the night
Just to see, see you home
There’s two of us in here
The only only
There’s two of us in here
And it’s only
I’m always here
All alone without you now
Lights of the night
Just to see you somehow
There’s two of us in here
The only only
There’s two of us in here
And it’s only
Just you wait
If you run if you run
I’ll wait
I’ll wait for you

Kinect is fast becoming one of the coolest gadget of 2010. Just look at the amazing things that people are doing with it. Here’s a video of someone who hacked the Kinect to become a controller for Super Mario Bros.
OpenKinect was used to enable the Kinect to communicate with a PC running NES emulator. And we all know that OpenKinect has Microsoft’s blessing.

Nevermind that it’s kinda hard to control Mario using Kinect. And nevermind that you will most likely be dead tired before you managed to save the princess. It’s damn freaking cool lah!!!

Some local artists are releasing their albums for free download. No joke. And these are not low budget recording done in their bedroom. They are painstakingly composed and professionally done up, sometimes even mastered at studios overseas.
I think this is a pretty interesting move. Giving your music out for free so that you can get more publicity. Sort of reminds me of Marie Digby who got popular after posting her music for free on YouTube. Let’s hope this free model is successful for our local artist as well.
Do support our local artist by downloading their album and help spread the word.
Kevin Lester
The Lard Brothers
Leslie Low
Sheikh Haikel
Inch Chua

Johnnie Walker unveils a new look for the Black Label bottle recently.
The new bottle is an ultra-modern interpretation of the classic and iconic square bottle that has become synonymous with Johnnie Walker. The new livery also includes premium gift packaging that features the Striding Man – a symbol of progress and innovation for over 100 years.

But some things never changed. The new bottle still retain the iconic square bottle which was in use since 1870. The bottle were designed to be square so that they can fit more bottles in the same space and reduce breakage in the past. Another thing that didn’t change is the label which is at a 24 degrees angle. The angled label means the text on the label could be made larger and more visible.
The new Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle will be available from December 2010 onwards. Those who attended the exclusive Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party earlier this month had a sneak preview of the bottle. Too bad I couldn’t make it that day.