Fun Snap Pellets are illegal in Singapore

This news come as a shock to me. The Fun Snap Pellets that most of us used to play when young is actually illegal in Singapore.

Two teenagers where arrested recently for playing with the Fun Snap Pellets. The shop owner was arrested for selling dangerous fireworks. According to The Straits Times article, ‘Fun Snaps’ are a variant of sandcrackers categorised as dangerous fireworks under the Dangerous Fireworks Act.
First-time offenders found guilty of discharging dangerous fireworks can be fined up to $10,000 and/or jailed up to two years. Any person who sells, distributes or imports any dangerous fireworks can be jailed up to two years and caned up to six strokes.
Wow…. this is a pretty shocking news. I thought I saw some shops selling that during Chinese New Year period. Didn’t know they are illegal. So you have been warned.
On the other hand, I felt sorry for the next generation. They are missing out on a lot of fun stuff. Stuff like bubble gums and fireworks. Fun Snap is pretty safe. Oh well….


  1. “Despite producing a legitimate (albeit tiny) high-explosive detonation, the extremely high mass ratio of gravel to explosive acts as a buffer to ensure that the devices produce only the audible “crack” of the supersonic shockwave; they are incapable of producing physical damage, even if discharged directly against skin, and the detonation frequently fails to even break the thin paper holding the ingredients. The explosion is also too weak to propel the gravel any distance, which usually falls to the ground. This makes them safe for use as a children’s toy, for which purpose they have been widely sold across the world since the 1950s. They are also a common part of Chinese New Year celebrations.”

  2. So sad … Fun Snap or sand crackers are even safer than sparklers stick or party popper … or even safer than a box of match …
    Its a shame its banned

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