HTC rolled out a service recently call is a website that works closely with your HTC phone. It allows users to easily manage their mobile phone experience from their personal computer. For example, user can easily add or delete contacts using and it auto synchronize with the HTC phone. also allows user to “command” their HTC phone to send SMS easily using the website. All SMS that the HTC phone received are shown on the User can use the website to reply the SMS. This feature is pretty useful if you are having a SMS chat. You can simply type all your SMS from the comfort of your computer.

My favorite set of features on are the features found on the Dashboard. The Dashboard allow user to set the HTC phone to forward all calls to another number. User can also set SMS forwarding to another mobile phone or even an email address. This feature is especially useful for those who frequently forget to bring their phone out. For example, if you forget to bring your HTC phone to work, just login to, forward all calls to your office phone and all SMS to your email address. When someone SMS you, just use to reply the person. And nobody knows you forgot to bring your phone out again. Pretty good right?

And when you can’t find your phone, you can use to make your phone ring loudly. This is useful for those who can’t find their phone in the house or deep inside the handbag. And the phone will ring even when it is set to silence. If you misplaced your HTC phone, you can use to locate it. gives you a map that shows the location of your phone. You can lock the phone so that whoever found your phone won’t be able to access your data. You can even set a message on the phone for the finder to contact you. But if you are unlucky and the person decides not to return your phone, you can always remote wipe your HTC phone using also have this HTC Hub that allows users to browse some of the applications recommended by HTC. User can then download the application from the comfort of the computer.
The is really very impressive. It really set HTC apart from their competitors. The will be available on the upcoming HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. And you can be sure most future HTC Android phones will come with the service too. No news on whether existing HTC phones will get this service or not. I guess the chances are pretty slim.

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