Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: $50 Shell Fuel Voucher

It’s been a long time since I had a giveaway on my blog. No time and no gift to giveaway. Anyone miss my giveaway?
Remember the Shell FuelSave 1 Litre Asia Challenge that I took part in few months ago? Although I didn’t win the challenge, Shell did give me some consolation prize.
So I decided to share a portion of the prize with 1 lucky reader. Afterall, I wouldn’t be invited to all those wonderful event if I don’t have the support of all my readers.
I’ll be giving away $50 worth of Shell Fuel Voucher to 1 lucky reader. I only have one simple condition. You must use the voucher. No point I give it to someone to sell it away right?

The voucher is only valid for fuel purchase. You can’t use it to buy other stuff in the stores.
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: $50 Shell Fuel Voucher”. Closing date is this coming Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 2359. I will randomly select the winner via the usual method. Refer to the rules for more details.
PS: This is the 2nd time I’m giving away $50 Shell Fuel voucher. I still remember the response for the previous shell voucher giveaway was overwhelming.
Update: Closed

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