Gucci 3D glasses

We should have expected this day to come. Gucci is releasing their own 3D glasses. Yeap, no more ugly looking 3D glasses. Gucci is here to save us.

Before you rush down to your nearest Gucci boutiques, just want to let you know that these 3D glasses most likely won’t work with your 3D TV at home. The Gucci 3D glasses are passive 3D glasses. These glasses are optimized for the use in RealD 3D theaters. Which means it should work with most cinemas. Well, that makes sense. Why would you want to wear a Gucci at home? Obviously you want to wear it outside. And yes, you will be the most stylish looking person in the cinema with this pair of Gucci 3D glasses.
Interestingly, the glasses also feature a “multi-layer mirrored coating” on the lenses, which means you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror, without seeing any distortion. How thoughtful.
And the price tag? US$225. No joke man. $225 for a passive 3D glasses! It’s not even active 3D (which is supposed to be more expensive). I guess you need to pay a premium for style.

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