It's Singapore, Singapore Workout Time…..

After 17 years, The Great Singapore Workout is back!!!

I’m sure most of you still remember the Great Singapore Workout we did back in our school days. I can still remember the song and some of the moves. Well, the new Great Singapore Workout 2010 is slightly different. The moves seems to be slightly more complicated than the original version. I guess we have advanced to level 2 now, so no more easy moves like those in 1993. Time for some challenging moves. Well, at least they incorporated moves inspired by taiji, qigong, Malay and Indian dance.
Participants also need to bring along a workout elastic band. Hmmmmm…… I wonder where can I get a workout elastic band. If don’t have elastic band, I guess some light weights should work too right. 🙂
So, are you ready for the Great Singapore Workout 2010?!?!
PS: Do you know that the Original Great Singapore Workout was launched on 3 October 1993 by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong at the National Stadium. A crowd of 26,107 doing the 15-minute workout went into the Guinness Book of World Records for the “largest mass aerobic session held at one location”.

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