The Beatles available on iTunes now

The Beatles are finally on iTunes. Apple held a media event recently to announce the deal. Yes, a special media event just for this announcement. That’s indeed unforgettable.
Well, at least from now on, nobody will be asking Starr when The Beatles are coming to iTunes. Good for him.
OK, I know this news means nothing to those living in Singapore since we don’t have iTunes store here. But I can’t help but wonder if this news matters to those who are living in countries with iTunes store. Afterall, those who wants to listen to The Beatles on their iPod would have already ripped the songs from the CDs. Or downloaded the song somewhere illegally. So does it really matter now that The Beatles’ catalog is finally available for paid download legally? I thought it wouldn’t. But judging from the impressive first day sales figure, it seems like it might actually matter after all.
Maybe there are people out there who haven’t ripped the entire Beatles collection into MP3. (Or download illegally)

If you have 5 minutes to spare, head down to wikipedia and read up on the long legal dispute between Apple Corps (owned by The Beatles) and Apple Computer


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