Nexaria BC2 router with iPhone tethering

I have no idea why anyone would want to buy this Nexaria BC2 router which supports iPhone tethering. Other than to remind them how stupid it is that Apple still disallows WIFI tethering.

If you really need WIFI tethering, try getting an phone with Android 2.2 and above. Or a Symbian phone and Joikuspot. Or even jailbreak your iPhone. Why get additional hardware just to do WIFI tethering on your iPhone?
OK, the Nexaria BC2 router provides better security. And it charges your iPhone while WIFI tethering.
So if you really feel the need to get additional hardware just to WIFI tether your iPhone, head down to their website and place your order. They ship to Singapore too.
And pray that Apple doesn’t allow WIFI tethering on iPhone or your Nexaria BC2 router will be pretty much useless.

PS: OK, you can also plug in a 3G dongle which makes more sense for this product. But then, why not get a MIFI instead?

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