Microsoft Kinect left open by 'design'

Here’s a surprising turn of events. Microsoft representatives said that the Kinect motion-controller was left open by “design,” despite earlier comments by the company that it did not “condone” Kinect’s hacking. This means that Microsoft is most likely not going to stop anyone from hacking the Kinect motion controller or using the open source Kinect drivers. No need to worry about firmware updates breaking the hacks. (At least they won’t break it intentionally, unlike some other companies)
Here’s an interesting Kinect hack that I found recently. Someone from MIT mounted the Kinect motion-controller to a iRobot. Now it can detect hand gestures and go to the place that you are point.
Now, if only there is a gesture to make it fetch a bottle of beer from the fridge.

There’s actually quite a lot of other Kinect hacks out there already even though the Kinect was release less than a month ago. And we can expect to see more to come……
Is it just me or has Microsoft become a cooler company lately?


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