Hoegaarden pint glass

Most of you know that Hoegaarden is one of my favorite beer. But have I ever mentioned that I love the glass too? No kidding. There’s something interesting about the Hoegaarden pint glass that makes it feels good when you are holding it. It’s like telling everyone in the pub that you have everything under control.

So when I saw the supermarket selling this special Hoegaarden Christmas pack, I couldn’t help but buy it straight away. Even though I still have 4 bottle of Hoegaarden in my fridge.

The special Christmas pack comes with 2 75cl bottle of Hoegaarden and a pint glass. The supermarket is selling it at $28.90.
Somehow the beer taste better when served in the right glass. Oh, and put the glass in the freezer for 10 minutes before using. Nothing beats an ice cold beer. Cheers!!!


  1. Daryl,
    I would like to also buy Hoegaarden pint glass as a gift for my boyfriend. He’s crazy about the beer and his birthday is coming up. Can you please help me find where I could buy some?
    Thank you

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