New Facebook profile page layout

Facebook just unveiled a new profile page layout.

The new layout looks pretty good. The profile page begins with a quick summary of who you are, from what you’re doing now to where you grew up. Follow by 5 recently tagged photos of you to show your friends what you have been up to. Don’t worry, your privacy settings have not changed. Only people you’ve allowed to view photos you’re tagged in will see these photos. You can also manually remove the recently tagged photos from the profile page by clicking the ‘x’ on the top right corner. No bad. For once, they never change your privacy setting when rolling out new stuff.
All the navigation (wall, info, photos etc) has been moved to the left side of the profile page. If you ask me, I think this makes the whole profile page neater.
And yes, I’m surprised that I actually like the changes. If you remember, I always complaint whenever Facebook change their layout. I guess this is the first time I actually like the new layout on first sight.
If you haven’t got the new profile page, get it here. I’ve already moved to the new profile page and I’m loving what I see.

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