Google Instant now available on iOS and Android

When Google released Google Instant in September, we knew that this wonderful technology will most likely make it way to the mobile site sooner or later. Well, it’s finally here. Google Instant is now available on iOS 4.0 and Android 2.2 (and above). Singapore is 1 of the 40 countries to get Google Instant on mobile.

It’s a good thing that Google set Google Instant to off by default. Cause I’m not sure if everybody likes to have Google Instant on their mobile phone. Having Google Instant turned on will surely increase the amount of data transferred to your phone. And it’s not exactly as Instant as I expect it to be. I guess it also depends on your 3G (or WIFI) connection speed. So if you are on a slow connection, you won’t be able to see the magical power of Google Instant.

But the biggest issue with Google Instant on mobile phone is the real estate. With the virtual keyboard up, there just isn’t much space on the screen to show the results from Google Instant. You’ll most likely be able to see just the first search result. I guess Google Instant would be more useful on a big screen tablet like iPad or Galaxy Tab.
Oh…. and don’t get me started on using Google Instant on a 3.5 inch landscape screen. It’s as good as not using. Haha.

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