Google Latitude now on iOS

And FINALLY, after almost 2 years of waiting, Google Latitude is now available on Apple App store. Google submitted Latitude back in February 2009. But Apple blocked the app to “avoid confusion with Maps on the iPhone”. As a workaround, Google released a Web app version a few months later.

But Web app Latitude has several problems. It can’t run in the background (which is important for Latitude). And loading takes a bit longer since the mobile Safari needs to load the interfaces too,
I’m so glad that Google Latitude is finally on iOS as an application itself. This is something that I’ve been wishing for the longest time. I’ve been using Google Latitude on my iPhone 4 for the past few days and it’s working great. And it can run in the background too. Battery consumption has slightly increased with Latitude running in the background. But it is still alright.

One thing I notice. Even after I stopped Google Latitude, it is still sending information to Google. The only way to stop sending information to Google is to go into the option to turn off Background Updating. Not a big issue.

If you are not on Google Latitude yet, do try out. It’s a great way to share your location with your friends. The Google Latitude on iOS works for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd and 4th Gen iPod Touch, and iPad.


  1. Coincidentally was just chatting about Latitude on iPhone over lunch today and we wondering if G will know our location even if we don’t check in. Why are default settings often one that don’t protect data privacy?

  2. ssumin: Just look at the top right hand corner of your iPhone. If there is an arrow, it means an application is requesting for your location.
    I’m actually not worried about Google knowing my location. I’m sure they know a lot of things about me. As long as they keep the information to themselves.

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