McAfee "Mapping the Mal Web" report 2010

I didn’t notice that McAfee released their “Mapping the Mal Web” report 2010 in October. I thought this sort of things is usually released at the end of the year. Anyway, if you remember, .sg domain is ranked 10th riskiest in the world back in 2009.
Which is why I have special interest in this year’s report. I wanted to see if we have improved. It can be pretty damaging to Singapore’s online reputation if our country’s top level domain name remain risky for a long period of time.
Well, I’m glad that .sg domain has made significant improvement. .sg domain has fallen from being 10th riskiest to 81th riskiest (out of 106 TLD). That’s pretty impressive.
According to Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC), .sg website is governed by SGNIC’s registration requirements to ensure accountability. A .sg domain name applicant is required to show appropriate documentation when registering a domain name under the various categories of .sg names. For example, a registrant would need to provide proof that it is a commercial entity registered
with the Accounting Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) or any professional body. For registrations by foreign corporations, the applications have to be supported by a Singapore contact address.
When SGNIC receives adverse feedback about the usage of a .sg domain name, it will investigate immediately. Any name involved in cases of misrepresentation or fraud, or is used to host material that breaches the laws or rules of the regulatory authorities are rectified by registrants, failing which, they are liable to be suspended or deleted by SGNIC.
These strict policies helped improve our ranking significantly. In fact, I’m still wondering how did we even managed to get into the top 10 riskiest domain ranking last year. Oh well, glad that we are much safer now.


  1. Thanks DK for a an interesting blog on .sg. I find it interesting that a registrant has to provide proof that he is a commercial entity. Being high (low) on McAffes list is something .is has accomplished with 1 right price politics and 2 pretty hard tech. requirements:
    Regards, JP.
    ISNIC the .is registry.

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