One small step towards "Jailbreaking" iPod Nano

When Steve Jobs announced the 6th Generation iPod Nano, I thought they would include an App Store. But they didn’t. Maybe Apple don’t intend to allow developers to write applications for the small iPod Nano form factor. Or maybe they will release an App Store later.
But one thing for sure, the hackers will try to Jailbreak the iPod Nano to allow installation of applications. So far, nobody managed to jailbreak the iPod Nano yet. But someone managed to delete an application on the iPod Nano and leave a blank space on the screen. Check out the Youtube video.

Now, before you get excited, the iPod Nano hasn’t been jailbroken yet. But this is one small step towards a jailbroken iPod Nano. It’s just a matter of time. I wonder what application is good for such small form factor.
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