Is it safe to use iPhone as an alarm clock?

This is not the first time the iPhone have an alarm bug. Few months ago, those living in Europe and US discovered that their iPhone alarm don’t work after the daylight saving switch. This time round, the iPhone alarm failed to work on 1st and 2nd January 2011.
The daylight saving bug affects those on repeating alarms while the new year alarm bug affects those on single-use alarms.
The good thing is that most people don’t have important appointment on 1st and 2nd January 2011. Apple said that the bug only affects 1st and 2nd January. So we are safe to use the iPhone alarm tomorrow morning to wake us up for work. Or are we?
I’ve no idea why is it so difficult to get the alarm feature of iOS working correctly. There’s just too many bugs on the iPhone alarm clock that makes everyone lose confidence in the alarm feature. Will you dare to use just the iPhone alarm for an important appointment? I know I won’t.
Maybe everyone should start using one of those alarm clock apps. I hope they don’t have bugs too…..

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