Microsoft Touch Mouse

The Touch Mouse is Microsoft’s version of a multi-touch mouse. The top 60% of the mouse has capacitive touch sensor to capture user’s multi-touch gestures. The Touch Mouse is enhanced for Windows 7 navigation. Using multi-touch gestures, users can easily scroll and pan, navigate, and manipulate content.
Check out the video demo.

I can’t help but think of Apple’s Magic Mouse when I first heard about the Microsoft Touch Mouse. I’m sure everyone does too. But one thing for sure, the Microsoft Touch Mouse looks much more ergonomics than Apple Magic Mouse.
I’m not sure how easy is it to do the multi-touch gestures. Afterall, I’m already having difficulties doing 2 fingers gestures on my Magic Mouse. How easy is it going to be to do 3 fingers gesture on the Microsoft Touch Mouse? Will the gestures be natural? Or will you need to move your hand and fingers to an awkward position? I guess I’ll will only find out when I get my hands on it.

By the way, am I the only person who thinks that the ‘x’ and dots prints on the multi-touch area is ugly and totally unnecessary?


  1. Yeah, that pattern is pretty ugly. Also, I don’t have a very high opinion of Microsoft Mice in general. The one I have does a pretty decent job. The problem is, it’s a wireless mouse, and the wireless function interferes with the operating system–as long as the wireless mouse is plugged in, Windows won’t switch to a screen saver when I’m inactive. (Nice work, Microsoft. You broke your own OS with your own mouse.)
    On the other hand, I can’t stand the acceleration curve on the Mac mice, which is the only reason I don’t use Macs. Nobody’s perfect, I guess!

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