Worst Chinese New Year Advertisement ever

Every once in a while, we will stumble upon some horrible looking advertisement that makes you wonder, who is the “creative” brain/agency behind this. Yeo’s recently did some advertisements in the train station. The advertisement seems to be meant for Chinese New Year. I’m not sure because from the look of it, I think the advertisement is more suitable for the hungry ghost festival on the 7th month.
You be the judge.

Most CNY advertisement uses Fortune God or Lion/Dragon Dance. It is not common to use Chinese Opera. But there is nothing wrong with using Chinese Opera. It’s part of Chinese culture afterall. But who did the makeup? And who did the background picture?
Seriously, this advertisement would be more suitable for the Hungry Ghost Festival. I feel sorry for the SMRT staff on late shift.

Whoever approved this advertisement need to be shot in the head twice during the next company AGM.


  1. maybe they knew, if they made something so bad, it would create a havoc on the interwebs.
    now that everyone is blogging about it, talking about it, I say, it’s a job well done.

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