Cisco unveils a new router last week. The Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band Wireless-N Router. This is the first dual-band Wireless-N router that offers a 450Mbps speed. I guess that should be good enough for now since most of Singapore’s NGBN providers are offering 200Mbps fibre plans.

But that’s not the point. Look at the router design. This is most likely the first time I go crazy over a router. It’s beautiful. It’s sleek. It’s stylish. It should be sitting on my desk!!!

I’m not a fan of the design of the previous generation router from Linksys. Those UFO shaped router looks ugly. And I hate “ridges” at the side. It is a good spot to collect dust and hard to clean. In fact, if given the choice, I would rather stick to the traditional Linksys design with the 2 antennas sticking out behind. Even that looks a lot better than the UFO shaped router.

I’m so glad that Cisco came out with a new design for their new Linkys router. Now, all I need is a way to speed up the natural death of my 1 year old UFO shaped router so that I can have an excuse to get this little beauty over here. And no, blender is not considered natural death.

The Singapore Government will hold an auction for 4G wireless spectrum rights next year (2012). Six lots of spectrum will be available for auction. But the take-up of the allocation will only start from 30 June 2015 when the current 2.3/2.5 Ghz spectrum contract expires. The 2.3/2.5 Ghz spectrum is currently used by five companies, SingTel, StarHub, M1, QMax and PacketOne.
In the meantime, IDA will allow operators to deploy Long Term Evolution (LTE) with their existing spectrum rights in the 900/1800 MHz and 2.3/2.5 GHz bands.

10 Billion iOS Apps have been downloaded from Apple App Store since it’s opening in July 2008. Yes, that’s 10,000,000,000. (Double check to make sure I didn’t miss out any 0s) Scary number. But it is no surprise since there’s 160 million iOS devices out there. (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)
The 10 billionth app downloaded, Paper Glider, was purchased by Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK. As the winner of the App Store Countdown to 10 Billion Apps, Gail Davis will receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card.

I don’t know about you. But I went to download Paper Glider after reading the press release from Apple. Haha.

This video is from a place call Berkshire Mall in Reading, Pa.

I’m not sure if this video is real or not. But it should serve as a reminder to all that you should not text while walking….. unless you are an expert in texting while walking. I’m pretty amazed that this thing will happen. We’ve heard of people walking into lamp post while texting but never fell into a fountain.
And if this is really for real, then the people who were laughing in the video deserves a kick in their butt.