If Google is correct (and most of the time they are), then I already know the winners for Oscar 2011. That’s because Google has announced the “winner” of the Oscar 2011 based on the search trend last week. Well, that is assuming that search trend is an indicator of Oscar success.
Based on Google Search Trend, Christian Bale (The Fighter) will most likely be the Best Supporting Actor while Amy Adams (also The Fighter) will most likely be the Best Supporting Actress. At least that’s how it will go if people the world over searching on Google determine the winner for each Oscar category.
Best Actor

According to Google Search Trend for Best Actor Category, more people are searching for James Franco online compared to other nominees. Could James Franco walk away with the Best Actor award with his 127 Hours performance? I sure hope so. He did a good job in 127 Hours.
Best Actress

According to Google Search Trend for Best Actress Category, Natalie Portman will most likely be the winner for this year’s Oscar.
This year’s favourites to win “Best Picture of the Year” are The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Social Network, True Grit, and The Fighter. But according to Google, people are searching for Black Swan much more than any other film, which goes against the predictions of many movie critics. Hmmm…. It is very unlikely that Black Swan will win. But we’ll see.
So will Google be right? We will find out shortly.

Oh yes, the new electoral boundaries have been released. As usual, there are several changes to the borders. So please check to see which GRC or SMC you belongs to now.
To check your GRC/SMC, go to the Singapore Election Department website and login with either your SingPass or NRIC + Date of issue.
Wah, heng my GRC still the same. I feel sorry for those people whose GRC/SMC keeps changing. I also feel sorry for those who end up in weird GRC/SMC. For example, those living in Jurong West extension end up in West Coast GRC instead of Jurong GRC. Hello, Jurong West extension is very far from the coast lor. And those living in some part of Braddell is under Marine Parade GRC. The best part is Joo Chiat Road not in Joo Chiat SMC. Someone please send the entire Election Department to take Geography Class.
This election border is crazy. I hope they redraw the border properly and amend the constitution to prevent further changes to the electoral boundaries.
It seems like the General Election 2011 is coming soon. Some people are guessing that it will be in late March or May. I personally think it will be in June.

87 Members of Parliament
12 single member constituencies
1. Bukit Panjang
2. Hong Kah North
3. Hougang
4. Joo Chiat
5. Mountbatten
6. Pioneer
7. Potong Pasir
8. Punggol East
9. Radin Mas
10. Sengkang West
11. Whampoa
12. Yuhua
2 four-member GRCs
1. Holland-Bukit Timah
2. Moulmein-Kallang
11 five-member GRCs
1. Aljunied
2. Bishan-Toa Payoh
3. Chua Chu Kang
4. East Coast
5. Jurong
6. Marine Parade
7. Nee Soon
8. Sembawang
9. Tampines
10. Tanjong Pagar
11. West Coast
2 six-member GRCs
1. Ang Mo Kio
2. Pasir Ris-Punggol.

This was perhaps the best Facebook app since Farmville. The Breakup Notifier is a Facebook apps that notify you via email the moment your facebook crush set his/her relationship status to single. If you watch How I Met Your Mother season 5 episode 10, you will understand the importance of the window of opportunity. (If you haven’t watched HIMYM, you totally should)

Anyway, I thought that is the best Facebook app for the longest time. According to TechCrunch, 3.6 million people also think that it’s a good app and signed up for the service. But then Facebook decided to block this amazing facebook application. It is most likely because the application is not following the application guidelines. But I’m sure the developer is working on it to fix the problem. Let’s hope the Breakup Notifier gets back online soon.
And in the meantime, all you stalkers out there just have to monitor your facebook crush’s page manually. But hey, its worth the effort. You never know when the window of opportunity is going to open.
Facebook, if you are reading this, please unblock Breakup Notifier. For the sake of mankind.

Here’s something interesting from iFixit. They did a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, like what they usually do best. Then they test if the phone’s frame is really made out of magnesium as rumored.
The results? Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G’s frame is really made using magnesium instead of the usual aluminium. You got to check out how they test the material. These guys are really cool. They actually file away a small pile of dust from the frame and light it on fire.

Magnesium is lighter than aluminium while still maintaining strength. It makes perfect sense to use magnesium for the frame. This should be interesting. I wonder how many phone makers will switch to the light weight magnesium.
Don’t worry about fire. They used to make F1 race car using magnesium too. Although there is a terrible accident back in 1968. But hey, if you are not going to throw it into a fire, it should be pretty safe. Right?

Parents, make sure your kids aren’t looking at the monitor before you click the Play button.
Don’t worry, the video is perfectly safe for work. It’s just that you might not want to let your child see this. Or you might need to figure out a way to make or buy this cake for his/her birthday.