How much do you love a MINI?

How much do you love your company? Would you get a tattoo of your company’s logo or product? Well, the Ad Agency for MINI asked their client that question and here’s their answer.

I hope my boss don’t see this video. It’s not that I don’t love my company. I’m just not a tattoo person. I don’t think I’ll ever tattoo anything on myself no matter how much I love it. So sorry future girlfriend/wife. I’m not going to tattoo your name on my body.
But hey! Salute to the guy. Most people usually take some time to ponder about getting a tattoo. But he agreed on the spot. Power. Really walk the talk. I hope his wife/gf/family members didn’t get a shock.
MINI should make him employee of the year. Or employee of the decade.
And sorry to the other car makers. You can’t head hunt that guy. He’s is staying with MINI for life.


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