The Daily for iPad has arrived

We’ve been hearing that News Corp is releasing a publication built specially for the iPad (And perhaps other readers in the near future). Well, it is now official. The Daily will deliver up to 100 pages of news and information each day. And we are not talking about 100 pages news from existing newspapers/magazines repackaged into digital form. There’s more than 100 staff working on The Daily to produce content specially for the digital format.
This approach looks very interesting. It’s still too early to tell if this model will work. But one thing for sure, they need to support other readers like Android, Kindle etc etc.

The launch of The Daily also means that iOS developers can now offer in-app subscriptions. Subscriptions can cover different lengths of time, like a weekly, monthly or yearly period. Subscription can be set to auto-renewal. Auto-renewal will only deduct funds from your account 24hours before the subscription is up. Auto-renewal will be disabled when developer raised the price of the subscription.
I wonder when will we start seeing local content provider making use of the iOS in-app subscription feature.
The Daily will cost $39.99 for a yearly subscription or $0.99 for a weekly subscription. Sadly, it is not available in Singapore iTunes Store.

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