My 2999th post

Wow, what a journey. Didn’t expect that I would blog for so long. And I couldn’t have done it without the support from all my readers, companies and PR agencies. Thank you!
A lot of things have changed since my first post. If you read my first blog entry, you will know that this isn’t my first blog. I have several blogs before this but I shut them down due to various reasons. And I’ve moved from blogspot to this personal domain name. And did I tell you that I love this domain a lot? 🙂
My blogging style changed a lot over the years. Like a lot of new bloggers, this blog started as a personal diary type of blog. Always full of complaints. Well, I still complain nowadays but not so much. I think every blogger’s style will evolve over time. Nowadays, I talk more about things that interest me and things that I feel will be useful to my readers.
Every once in a while, someone will ask me why do I blog. Reason is very simple. I love tech stuff. And blogging give me access to gadgets and tech news directly from the company or their agencies. I get to experience things first hand. I get to see things others don’t get to see. I get to play with gadgets before it is launched. I get to talk to company executives and understand what’s the reason behind certain decisions.
It is my passion for tech stuff that drives me to blog (almost) everyday. And which is also the reason why I don’t do advertisements on my blog. I’m already over-paid with all the experience that I’m getting.
And I’m loving it. Cheers!


  1. Congrats! Love that you’re really passionate about blogging, and think I’ve said this before, yours is one of the SG blogs I regularly read to keep up with what’s going on in SG and in tech. To the next 3000 posts!

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