Just some numbers

Warning: I’m using this entry to log down some figures so that I can visit them again when I hit my 4000th blog entry.
I’ve shared my webstats on my 1000th and 2000th post. Maybe I should carry on the tradition and do the same since this is my 3000th blog entry.
Here’s my recent referrer traffic that I got from Google Analytics for the past month.

If you compare my current referrer traffic to the referrer traffic on my 2000th post, you will notice a huge change. I’m getting a huge percentage of referrers from Google. This might not be a good news cause it means lesser and lesser websites are referring to my blog. Interesting to note that Facebook and Twitter are giving almost the same amount of referrers. I was actually expecting Twitter to bring more referrers.
I always use Extreme Tracking to see my daily, weekly and monthly visitors number.

Actually the visitorship dropped a bit compared to few months ago. You can see that it started declining since September last year. Need to do something about it.
Do people still use Technorati nowaday? Anyway, my Technorati Authority now is 128. Slight improvement. But not as good as my 1000th post. I think they changed their algorithm too.
My current page rank is 5. Worldwide Alexa Traffic Rank is 647,257. Singapore Alexa Traffic Rank is 6,359.
OK, that’s all. Let’s see how much changed on the 4000th blog entry. Now back to my usual blog entries.

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