Facebook Places now available in Singapore

Facebook Places is finally available in Singapore. I know it’s 2 weeks late but better than never. And yeap, now you don’t need to use the Facebook Places workaround anymore.

Facebook Places allows you to share your current location on Facebook using Facebook mobile apps. It’s like Foursquare on Facebook.
Since Facebook Places is now available in Singapore, I suggest everyone to review their Facebook privacy settings. Facebook Places is slightly different from Foursquare. One of the biggest difference is that it allows your friends to check you into places. This is cool if you forgot to check in or you don’t have your phone with you. But it is not cool if you are trying to hide your current whereabout from your friends. Or if you lied about where you are going to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend.
You can turn off tagging by friends if you want. To find out more about Facebook Places privacy settings, check out this Lifehacker article.

FYI: I’ve turned off the feature for Friends to check me into places. JUST in case. 🙂
Looks like Foursquare is going to face some stiff competition in Singapore. Foursquare just started picking up late last year. Personally, I still prefer Foursquare check in compared to Facebook Places check in. But it’s still early. Who knows, I might switch to just using Facebook Places in the future. Haha.

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