Scrapbook and Need For Speed Underground Demo on BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry showed off some interesting apps on their unreleased BlackBerry Playbook recently at the Mobile World Congress 2011. There’s nothing much special about the apps itself. But the demo did offer us more insights to what the BlackBerry PlayBook is capable of.

The responsiveness of the BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty amazing. And 4 fingers multi-touch? Nice. This should open up a lot of opportunities for developers to be creative in their apps.
Need For Speed

The BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t going to be a all work and no play device. Game developers are also making games for the BlackBerry PlayBook platform. The graphic is pretty good. The most exciting part is the multi-tasking. You can control the apps in minimized mode. Cool! Imagine playing a game minimized mode and having your twitter and email windows opened beside it. That’s true multi-tasking.

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