Singapore abolish TV and Radio licenses

One of the biggest surprised that came from Singapore Budget 2011 is the abolishment of TV and Radio licenses. And it was greeted with cheers on Twitter and Facebook minutes after Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam announced it during the Budget speech. Home owners paid S$110 a year for a TV licence while car owners paid S$27 a year for radio license. Not anymore. TV and Radio license is gone forever.
It is about time. The TV and Radio license are losing their relevance. Although most household owns a TV, not everyone watches TV program on it. Some use it for console gaming only. It is also possible to watch TV program on computers and smartphone. These devices are not covered under the TV license.
Those who have paid the TV and Radio license this year will have it refunded in April 2011. For more information, check out MDA website.
I’m so glad that we finally abolish the TV and Radio licenses. I always said that if the program is good, it will be supported by advertising and there’s no need for funding support. And if the program is not good, then it shouldn’t be produced in the first place. Our neighbour in the north has already abolished the TV and Radio licenses 12 years ago. We are lagging behind.
And for those who are “worried” that the abolishment of TV and Radio licenses means that we will see more rerun of crappy shows, fret not. The money from the licenses were used to fund free-to-air public service broadcasting (PSB) programs. It has nothing to do with other regular programs. Besides, MDA will still be funding those PSB programs directly.

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