Samsung Galaxy S 4G uses magnesium for the phone's frame

Here’s something interesting from iFixit. They did a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, like what they usually do best. Then they test if the phone’s frame is really made out of magnesium as rumored.
The results? Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G’s frame is really made using magnesium instead of the usual aluminium. You got to check out how they test the material. These guys are really cool. They actually file away a small pile of dust from the frame and light it on fire.

Magnesium is lighter than aluminium while still maintaining strength. It makes perfect sense to use magnesium for the frame. This should be interesting. I wonder how many phone makers will switch to the light weight magnesium.
Don’t worry about fire. They used to make F1 race car using magnesium too. Although there is a terrible accident back in 1968. But hey, if you are not going to throw it into a fire, it should be pretty safe. Right?

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