Google announces Oscar 2011 "winners"

If Google is correct (and most of the time they are), then I already know the winners for Oscar 2011. That’s because Google has announced the “winner” of the Oscar 2011 based on the search trend last week. Well, that is assuming that search trend is an indicator of Oscar success.
Based on Google Search Trend, Christian Bale (The Fighter) will most likely be the Best Supporting Actor while Amy Adams (also The Fighter) will most likely be the Best Supporting Actress. At least that’s how it will go if people the world over searching on Google determine the winner for each Oscar category.
Best Actor

According to Google Search Trend for Best Actor Category, more people are searching for James Franco online compared to other nominees. Could James Franco walk away with the Best Actor award with his 127 Hours performance? I sure hope so. He did a good job in 127 Hours.
Best Actress

According to Google Search Trend for Best Actress Category, Natalie Portman will most likely be the winner for this year’s Oscar.
This year’s favourites to win “Best Picture of the Year” are The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Social Network, True Grit, and The Fighter. But according to Google, people are searching for Black Swan much more than any other film, which goes against the predictions of many movie critics. Hmmm…. It is very unlikely that Black Swan will win. But we’ll see.
So will Google be right? We will find out shortly.

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