iOS 4.3 software update now available

Good news to all iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Gen and above and iPad users. Apple has released the much awaited iOS 4.3 software update a day ahead of the rumored released date.
The iOS 4.3 update include AirPlay Enhancements, iTunes Home Sharing and Safari Performance. iPad users have the option to customize the Side Switch to lock the screen rotation or mute the volume. I guess most people will choose lock screen rotation.
But the biggest enhancement in iOS 4.3 is the Personal Hotspot feature. The Personal Hotspot turn your iPhone 4 into a mobile wireless router that allows you to share internet connection with up to 5 devices. Setting up is very easy. Go to Settings, turn on Personal Hotspot, set a password and you are ready to connect your WIFI devices. There is a blue status bar on your iPhone to tell you how many devices are currently connected to your iPhone Personal Hotspot.

We first saw this feature on the Verizon iPhone 4. Now it’s available to all iPhone 4. Some countries would require additional data plan in order to activate the Personal Hotspot feature. Luckily for us here in Singapore, we don’t need to pay extra to get the feature. But normal data charges still applies (Which shouldn’t be an issue since most iPhone users are on 12GB data plan)

Looks like we are going to see lots of WIFI hotspot everywhere. I hope this don’t not choke up the air waves.
I haven’t really test out the Personal Hotspot yet. But from my past experience from other mobile OSes, this feature will drain the phone’s battery pretty fast. And it will also make your phone very hot. So guys, don’t put your iPhone 4 inside your pants’ front pocket when using the Personal Hotspot. You have been warned.

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