Wooz.in at Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party

Attended the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party last weekend. It is not the usual party. Yes, there’s still lots of brooze, great music and beautiful people. But there’s also some “social media” usage at the party. The party organizer brought in Wooz.in. Wooz.in is an Indonesia startup that provides location based service that lets people publish check-in announcements simultaneously via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla.

All the attendees were give a RFID bracelet at the entrance. There’s several laptops with RFID readers for the attendees to link their Facebook and Twitter account to the RFID bracelet. The process is very easy and straight forward. Once that is done, attendees are ready to use the RFID on the booth scatted at different rooms in the party. Just place the RFID bracelet on the sensor for a few seconds and the system will update your Facebook and Twitter status saying that you have enter the room. There’s even a screen at the party to tell everyone that you have entered the room.

(Picture stolen from Nadnut cause I forgot to take photo of the screen. Hee hee)
There is also a booth for attendees to take photos and use Wooz.in to tag themselves on Facebook. I didn’t get to try that but I think its a pretty cool idea.
Wooz.in will definitely increase the social media activity at a party. Maybe it’s the novelty or the ease of checking in. For those who always update their location and activity to their Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare account, Wooz.in makes not much difference to us. We are going to update it with or without Wooz.in. But Wooz.in is good in helping the rest of the folks to update their status. I’m sure many people won’t update their Facebook status that night if the party organiser didn’t use Wooz.in.
But I can’t help but wonder what’s next after telling the whole world that you are at this cool party. The screen at the party only captures the name of the attendees in the room. It could be better if they show the avatar too. And it would be even better if they could capture live twitter feeds from the attendees and splash it on the screen. That will promote interaction between attendees. And since everyone have a RFID bracelet, wouldn’t it be nice if Wooz.in could somehow help people exchange contact easily? Hmmmm…..

And perhaps more can be done for the after party interaction. There is a website for the event but apart from seeing who is at the party, there’s nothing else you can do.
RFID bracelet might not be the best solutions. I’m sure many people will forget to bring the RFID bracelet along for the next party. I’ll most likely forget to bring mine too. Or misplaced it somewhere. It would be good that the token to “check in” is something that we bring along with us everyday. Like Smartphone with Near Field Communication. Damn it, why isn’t NFC popular in Singapore yet?
While the concept of Wooz.in is pretty interesting, I feel that more can be done to value add to the event. Well, it’s still in beta stage and there’s much potential and room for improvements. And I think the system is still a bit buggy. I had problem linking my Twitter account to my RFID bracelet. Oh well, I guess tweeting manually is still the best.


  1. Hi,
    We hope you had a good time at the event. Excellent points on your post here and we will definitely take your suggestions into consideration during our next party. You’re right this is our first forray in integrating social media into the event and we have taken so many valuable key learning.
    Do share with us any other feedback you have. We are keen to take them on board. Thanks!
    Johnnie Walker Singapore team

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