My new blogger name card

After dragging my feet for the longest time, I finally got myself to design new namecards. It’s really difficult to attend events and meet new folks from companies and PR agencies without my namecards with me.
So after much procrastination, and 6 working days wait from Tommy Print, I finally got my new blogger name card.
I choose Tommy Print because they have always been consistent with their printing. The print quality is pretty good. The material they use is great. They are also fairly cheap. The only problem is that you need to wait 5 to 6 working days. But if you are not in a hurry, I’ll definitely recommend Tommy Print for their print quality.
And we also discovered that name cards printed by Tommy Print has higher chance of being picked during lucky draw. Really. Just look at the stuff I won during lucky draw. My previous name cards are also from Tommy Print. Haha.
Anyway, here’s the front of my new name card.

Very simple and straight forward. Actually I wanted to just have the word DK and that’s all. But cannot lah. I’m 3rd when someone google for “DK” in Singapore. (I’m no where on the first page on Impossible for me to beat the publishing company that has the same initials as me.
The back of the name card is all the contact details.

While designing my name card, I discovered that the logo of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook forms “WTF” when put together. Wahahaha.
Anyway, nothing wrong with WTF what. WTF mean “Welcome The Future” right? 😛
And here’s a little secret about my name card. If you put 2 of them and place them together, it forms the word DK. Something similar to my old Tech65 name card.

And no, I’m not going to give you 2 name cards so that you can form the word. Use a mirror also can.


  1. Leon: Sure!
    Feliza: You don’t have mirror? Then how come I saw so many camwhore shots of yourself in the mirror? 😛

  2. Lester: If everyone uses Tommy Print, then how will get advantage during lucky draw? 😛
    Shn: No lah. You are not the only person who ask for 2 cards 😛

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