Apple: Time to remove the iOS 3G download limit

One of my pet peeve on iOS is the download limit when using 3G. Apple has a restriction when you try to download app or podcast using 3G. Anything more than 20mb cannot be downloaded using 3G. You need to connect to WIFI to download them. We are lucky cause Apple increased the limit from 10mb to 20mb. But honestly, 20mb is not enough.

In fact, I don’t even understand why is there a need for the download limit? It is weird. We can now do tethering and Personal Hotspot on iOS. These features are using 3G and uses quite a lot of data. So if we can use our iPhone to tether and Personal Hotspot, why can’t we download a file that is more than 20mb using 3G?
You know what? The next time you need to download a 20mb app or podcast, ask your friend to turn on his/her iPhone’s Personal Hotspot. Just connect to that Personal Hotspot and you can download without limit. Yes, I know it’s stupid.


  1. Felix: Yes, you can do it with jailbreaking. But why do I need to jailbreak my phone to download something more than 20mb over 3G? Why can’t I do it out of the box without jailbreaking?

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