Nokia ends Nokia Comes With Music service

*OK, I know this blog entry is a bit delayed. Been sitting on my draft for too long.*
Nokia no longer comes with music. Nokia announced that it is ending the Nokia Comes With Music service early this year (except China, India, Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa). Nokia Comes With Music is a “buffet style” music service which allows users to download and listen to all the music they want from a catalog of more than 4 million songs. I’ve reviewed the service back in 2009 when it was launched in Singapore. I like the good music quality and large catalog so much that I named it the best unlimited music download service in 2009.

It’s sad to see Nokia ending this great service.
So what is going to happen now that Nokia has decided to end Nokia Comes With Music service?
Well, current Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited customers need not worry as Nokia will continue to offer the full service to existing and new users until the end of their current subscription. They can continue to enjoy unlimited music download until the end of their subscription.
For customers who purchased a Nokia Comes With Music phone but haven’t activated their Ovi Music Unlimited service, they have until 31 Dec 2011 to activate the service. They will still get 12 months of unlimited music download as long as they activate the service before 31 Dec 2011.
After the Ovi Music Unlimited service ended, customers will still be able to access the music that they have downloaded previously. They can also re-download already downloaded tracks for up to 2 years after
the end of their subscription.
There’s no news on how long Nokia will keep the DRM server running. If Nokia shuts down the DRM server, all the music that were downloaded cannot be played. (Which is why I hate DRM) But I’m sure they would make some arrangement if they intend to shut down the DRM server. So don’t worry about this part for now.

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