1 in 3 Singaporeans would rather lose their childhood photos than their phone

Norton survey reveals one in three Singaporeans would rather lose their childhood photographs than their mobile phone.
Weird comparison actually. Judging from most of the childhood photographs that I’ve seen, I’m sure a lot of us don’t mind losing our childhood photographs. In fact, I know some friends who actually wished that those photos never existed. Especially those photos of us in shower when we were still young. Seriously, why do Singaporean parents like to take such photos?
OK, jokes aside. Mobile phone has become an indispensable tool. I keep telling people that the first and last thing that most people see each day is their mobile phone. Even for those who are married. It’s no longer their husband/wife but their mobile phone. The survey from Norton also shows that 89 percent of Singaporeans never leave home without their mobile phones and nearly half cannot live without their phones.
The strange thing is that a lot of people don’t have the habit of doing backup nor do they have any security software installed on their phone.
The survey shows that about half of Singaporeans have had their mobile phone lost or stolen and 84 percent of them found the experience stressful. 87 percent considered the loss of contact information the worst part of the experience and also a huge inconvenience. (Seriously people, BACKUP!)
50 percent of Singaporeans surveyed had expressed concerns over privacy and sensitive information being divulged when they lose their mobile phone. 89 percent could neither remotely lock nor wipe the phone’s memory after the device was stolen or lost. Only 37 percent of users in Singapore have password-protected mobile phones
There is an increase in number of smart phones that comes bundled with security software. For Android phones that don’t come bundled with a security software, Norton has an app call Norton Mobile Security on the Android Marketplace. Android phone users can currently download a free limited-trial beta version. Norton Mobile Security will allow users to locate and remotely wipe or lock their lost or stolen Android phones with a quick text message.
If only there is a self destruct feature too. (Kidding kidding) But do try it out if you have an Android phone. I’ve seen it in action before and it’s pretty good.


  1. Yup, I have one such software on my Nexus One. It’s WaveSecure. I got a lifetime free subscription when it first launched on Android. It’s really neat cause I can have it locked the moment the SIM card is taken out, airplane mode enabled and also remotely lock it.
    It also allows the display of a buddy that the person who’s holding on to your phone can contact to return the phone, and also allows GPS tracking of your device.

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