One of the biggest enemy to mobility is battery. Laptops makers have been innovating to make better batteries. But we don’t see much difference because whenever there’s a better battery, you can be sure there is a better processor that utilize it. In the end, we still get a couple of hours battery life.
Lenovo recently announced the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 which comes with “slice” battery. The Battery is non-user replaceable. But you give up this benefit for better battery life. Lenovo claims that the ThinkPad X1 battery life is 3 times as long as a normal battery. The battery also have this RapidCharge technology which lets it recharge 2.5 times than normal ThinkPad battery.
It’s able to recharge from 0 to 80% battery within 30 minutes. Power!
The ThinkPad X1 is running on Intel Core i5-2520M processor, 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD and 13.3 inch Gorilla Glass screen capable of 1,366 × 768 resolution.

All that just 0.84 inch thick. Sweet.
No news on the release date or pricing yet.

The much awaited wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is today.
Royal Household has announced that footage of the entire ceremony will be live streamed on their official YouTube channel:
The live stream will begin at 5:00pm Singapore time (10:00am BST) today, and will include the entire wedding procession, marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey and balcony kiss. Alongside the live stream, The Royal Channel will also feature live blog commentary of the event to give timely updates and insights as the day unfolds.

I won’t be able to watch the wedding ceremony. Sigh. Maybe I’ll just watch the reply and read the updates from Twitter.
Congrats to His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Finally… after almost 10 months of delay, the white iPhone 4 is finally here. Apple announced last night (Singapore time) that the white iPhone 4 will be available from today onwards. This is not rumor. It’s real. And you are not dreaming.
Besides Singapore, the white iPhone 4 will also be available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and the US.

White iPhone 4 will be available for a recommended retail price of S$888 for the 16GB model and S$1048 for the 32GB model through the Apple Store and select Apple Authorised Resellers. That’s the same price as the Black iPhone 4.
Actually, I still prefer a black iPhone. Not sure why there is such a huge hype over the white iPhone. For me, I’m just glad that I don’t need to read another white iPhone 4 rumor on Tech websites anymore.
Will you buy the white iPhone 4 or wait for the next generation iPhone?
PS: This also means that one of my tech prediction is wrong. Sigh.

This just in. The much awaited Apple iPad 2 will be available in Singapore from 29 April 2011 (Friday).

16GB: SGD$668
32GB: SGD$798
64GB: SGD$928
WiFi + 3G
16GB: SGD$848
32GB: SGD$978
64GB: SGD$1,108
This is slightly cheaper than the iPad 1 when it was just launched in Singapore.
The smart cover will retail at SGD$54 for Polyurethane and SGD$98 for leather.
The iPad 2 will be available at select Apple Authorized Reseller beginning 1am 10 am Friday Singapore time. Apple Singapore Online store will start taking orders at 1 am Friday.
So anyone queuing for this?

This news come as a surprise to me. Friendster has began emailing it’s users to inform them that they will be reinventing themselves as a service focused on entertainment. As such, the social networking site will be making some drastic changes soon.
On 31 May 2011, Friendster will wipe out all photos, blogs, comments and groups uploaded or created by its users. The company will, however, keep all accounts alive, along with user friends lists, games details and basic profile information.
Friendster have created a Friendster Exporter to help users export their data before 31 May 2011. For more information, check out the Friendster Exporter help section.
The new improved site is designed to create new profiles that allow users to connect differently with people and do things differently than other networking sites. The new Friendster’s Beta version will complement user’s existing online presence in other social networking sites.
No account will be deleted. Users may continue to login to Friendster using their existing login details. Friends list, basic profile information, wallet and games will also be preserved.

I tried logging into my Friendster profile last night upon hearing the news. Wow, the site look so alien to me now. Haven’t been there for ages. Glance through my photos album, nothing much there. Just some old photos of some gatherings and myself. Nothing worth exporting out. I have all of them on backup in my harddisk. 🙂

I guess after 31 May, Friendster will no longer be the social networking site we used to know. I think it is a good move. Instead of going head on with other social networking site, Friendster will become a complement to them. I’m not sure if this move is enough to save them. But at least they are doing something to save themselves.
Actually I wish they would keep all the data. But maybe it’s taking up too much space and the cost of maintaining them is too high. It would be better to remove them than being drag down by legacy stuff.

This is just a Public Service Announcement. I’m sure most of you have done that already. But if you haven’t, please password protect your wireless router.
An American living in Buffalo, New York, was arrested and held in custody for 3 days for downloading child pornography. The problem is, he didn’t do it. It was later discovered that the real pedophile is actually his neighbour and not him.
The guy just got a new router recently and he gotten fed up trying to set a password. His neighbour found the unsecured WIFI spot and used it to download child porn.
But I guess that guy is lucky. Things could have been worst. Someone could connect to his router and use Firesheep on him. Or use his open WIFI to hack into other computers.
Difficult to password protect your router is not an excuse. Some routers makers have already simplified the process. For example, Linksys have this Cisco Connect software to help you password protect your router easily. If you are not tech savvy, choose those router brands that are easy to setup.
Or find someone who is tech savvy enough to help you password protect your router.
In Germany, it is actually the law to secure your router. Router owners can be fine up to €100 for being unable to properly secure the wireless connections aimed at preventing any third parties from violating the law by illegally downloading copyrighted content.