The Ultimate "All I Need Is My Desire!" Glass House Challenge

This is going to be interesting. HTC is having a challenge at their upcoming HTC Desire road show from 15 to 17 April 2011 at VivoCity. 20 participants will be selected to be kept under “house arrest” within the Glass House for the 3 Day duration of the challenge while attempting to complete a series of tasks and challenges solely with the aid of a HTC smartphone.
Sounds like another Blogathon, except more people and for longer period of time. The prizes are pretty attractive too. The 1st prize is $5,000 cash and a HTC Desire S. In fact, the first 5 prizes are cash and a HTC Desire S. There’s also prizes for the best blog entry using HTC phone and best photo posed with HTC Desire S.
To take part, head down to the contest website and play a mini game. You need to get a good score and get your friends to vote for you to stand a chance to take part in The Ultimate “All I Need Is My Desire!” Glass House Challenge.

Hmmm….. interesting. Should I take part? Hahahaha….


  1. Chin Leng: 3 days leh. Very xiong leh.
    Janett: I thought the Desire S is better than the Desire Z in term of specs? Unless you need a physical keyboard, I think Desire S would be a better option

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